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Cascade Flyers group photo from 1958

Club History

The Cascade Flyers was established in 1958 and is the longest operating aviation club in the Pacific Northwest. The Flyers began as a group of pilots who shared a passion for the beautiful terrain of the Puget Sound region, and a love for flying small aircraft. Many of the initial members were current or retired service members hoping for an alternative to their Air Force and Naval aviation experience.

The Club Today

The Cascade Flyers consists of 30 members that have a common love for flying small aircraft. Their passion is fueled by the breathtaking landscape of the Pacific Northwest – every flight provides new insight on this captivating region. The pilots themselves range from 28 to 80 years in age, and share over a century of collective aviation knowledge. The members include military service members, business and technology professionals, commercial pilots to retired university professors.

The current members of the Cascade FLyers
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Member Highlight

The Flyers are a great group of pilots who have interesting and diverse set of backgrounds. Each month we like to highlight a few of our members and share their views on flying in the Pacific Northwest.

  • David D.

    Member of Cascade Flyers: Since 2014

    Flight Experience: “Flying for about 4 years. Started as a student in a 1940 Taylorcraft, then got my Private Pilot in a Piper Warrior, then completed my tailwheel endorsement, and added Single Engine Seaplane, and High Performance Endorsement.”

    Why he thinks it’s great to be a member of Cascade Flyers: “I love how the members care about the planes, and each other. We have access to schedule the planes ahead of time, using an online scheduling tool.”

    Favorite Route: “Cross Country to the San Juan Islands (Orcas is about 50 NM away ). Also XC to the dry-side of the state and beyond.”

  • Ben S.

    Member of Cascade Flyers: Since 2014

    Flight Experience: “I’ve been flying for a little over 2 years, all my time has been in Cessnas. I did all of my primary training and most of my instrument training in 150s (and 172s) and I recently started taking tailwheel lessons in a 170.”

    Why he thinks it’s great to be a member of Cascade Flyers: “Cascade Flyers is a great group of folks, passionate about flying. Our planes are beautiful, well taken care of, generally very available, and the best price in the north end.”

    Favorite Route: “I love flying to Orcas island. They have a FREE pilot car at the airport, great restaurants on the island, and it’s a beautiful flight.”

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Community Outreach

In the past, members have chosen to donate time to non-profits in the Puget Sound that mean a lot to them and the group. They support these charities by taking groups on private flights, showing them the beauty of the region and sharing the thrill of flying in small aircraft. Some of these groups have included Little Bit, United Way of Snohomish County, and Choir of the Sound.

Community Outreach Photo